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A VLF detector uses two coils to find metal in the ground. If you live near deserts with known gold deposits, however, then a waterproof design is likely to be less important – but a gold prospecting machine could be a great choice. The types of targets and environments in your local area is a big factor when choosing a metal detector.

You can also use the same machine for all of your hunting as opposed to the PI where you should only really use it for beach hunting. The benefit to using a multi-frequency detector in salt water is that you can discriminate out unwanted targets. If you plan to do most of your hunting in and around salt water, you’ll need a specialty machine. For all purpose coin and jewelry hunting, stick to a single frequency VLF detector when first starting out.

That’s a much bigger problem because salt water will corrode the delicate components. Put the whole detector somewhere warm and dry and see if that is enough to dry out the components.

That was certainly the case for one lucky detectorist who, in 1989, discovered the largest lump of gold in the western hemisphere. If weight is a problem I would go with a XP machine again depending on your budget secondhan,d goldmaxx or the Deus. What I would suggest it will be to go with the X-Terra 705 because it’s close to a high-end detector and you already know the basics so you won’t have to start with a beginner model. However, one that can be used on land, in a river and on the dry sand at the beach will have to do then. Hi Keith, I will recommend you the Garrett Ace 250 as a starter model, it has a good detection range and you can start without any extra training.

I have a female friend that found metal detecting a bore due to the weight of the detector. My first, metal detector was a garret ace 150 but I am currently using the Garrett ace 400i. What we like: This lightweight metal detector is well-balanced and easy to maneuver. Our take: This metal detector is simple enough for beginners, yet advanced enough to please more seasoned treasure hunters.

… In fact, I was impressed with how good this machine is comparing to its very reasonable price. It also has a non-motion mode that will allow you to pinpoint your targets precisely. In each one you can save your preferred settings so you won’t need to get it right every time. What makes this machine so powerful is the Software it is equipped with! However, if you are an old school person and used to old machines you might need some time to get used to this one.

CTX-3030 can work well on extremely salty saltwater, magnetic ground or wet sand where others perform poorly. The bright light will help see the target when deeper signals are indicated.

Furthermore, the Gold Bug 2 now also has an Iron discrimination feature that allows you to identify hot rocks and small trash so you don’t dig unnecessarily. The Gold Bug 2 has more features compared to the regular Gold Bug for example the much higher frequency 71kHz so that you can find much smaller nuggets than with the standard Gold Bug but also a new mineralization feature is present. The Gold Bug Pro is just a very good detector in its price range.

Automatic Ground Balance: Metal detectors often pick up signals for metals such as iron that naturally occur in the earth. With an easy to understand analog display, this detector offers a lot of features helpful for beginners without being too overwhelming or confusing to start with. Uses Standard Double A Batteries: One of the biggest advantages to standard double A size batteries is they are easy to find and typically less expensive than detectors that require 9volt batteries over time. Many kids who are new to detecting will be excited to see if what they dig up does indeed match what the machine might suggest it could be.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – National Geographic stands behind this Pro Series Metal Detector with a TWO-YEAR warranty. The large coil allows you to quickly cover ground on the beach but it still folds up small and can even fit into a backpack. You can collapse the detector to only 22″ and it weighs just 2lb, making it very portable and easy to take to the beach. Whether you’re a beginner or you’re a more advanced metal detectorist, this metal detector is suitable for you.

Anything below that isn’t really considered a detector – it’s considered a toy. What makes one detector better than another (like cars) is the additional features and enhancements. All metal detectors detect metal – just like all cars drive down the road.

Finding Effective Solutions Of Best Metal Detectors

We were surprised to find an iron audio adjustment option on this Teknetics detector, but found that it’s not really similar to the one on the (much) higher priced AT Pro; it simply can be set to “sound louder” when passing over iron. Those all combine to let you find just about any metal and tell you exactly what you’ve found. The included headphones can’t be used underwater but everything else on this unit can, to a depth of ten feet. Those audio settings are cool because the “iron audio” option lets you screen out alerts for trash and objects you’re not interested in and “proportional audio” has many different sounds representing the characteristics of all objects in the ground. And there are six modes of operation, three for beginners and three for experienced users who want better audio signals and faster recovery time between searches.

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